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The United Kingdom's new Prime Minister

2019-07-29 22:06 #0 by: jordan

... And he already has a blimp resembling him! Laughing out loud

Boris Johnson is set to tackle PM's questions for the first time this week, and personally I'm quite interested as to how it will go, as it will offer the first opportunity to see him in direct opposition to Jeremy Corbyn.

Have you heard of BoJo before? What are your views on him? Quite a few people in the UK are hostile to his appointment for many reasons, and hope that there is a general election soon to legitimize government again.

2019-07-30 14:37 #1 by: Evelina

😂 the god damn blimps! Too good

2019-09-17 14:12 #2 by: Max

The more sensible strategy would be to ha e a second referendum on brexit with a more sophisticated multi option voting structure. Once we have a better idea of what the people want to do on this crucial question now that people have a better idea of what may be involved,theb it would be time to have a General Election. BoJo is keen to have a GE and desperate to avoid a second referendum because he knows only around a third of the population if that support a no deal Brexit. However because of the way Britain's voting system is organised this might be enough to actually get a majority in parliament if The Brexit party plays ball and agrees a sensible coalition (which I think they would because otherwise they will trigger a second referendum), if the remaining parties remain divided which they may well, primarily because Jeremy Corbyn is too left field for mamy to stomach and for another say 10pe cent of voters to be more scared of putting Corbyn in power than a hard Brexit. It is certainly not a stupid plan and indeed if I were say Domininc Cummings I would consider it a plausible best hope. Lots of things could happen unexpectedly though so we will have to wait and see.

2019-09-17 20:43 #3 by: jordan

#2 Glad to see you back Max!

I don't know if you frequent Facebook, but the Brexit Party have already begun their attempt of a potential partnership with BoJo, and of course it means their ever so aggressive social media campaign. Seeing Nigel Farage's face this often certainly reminds me of three years ago. The continued divisions in the Labour party are not helping their cause, as public opinion towards Corbyn remains divisive - either you are a die-hard Corbynite or you can't stand the guy.

It wouldn't surprise me if we somehow end up with another extension, or a general election at this point.

2019-09-18 11:32 #4 by: Max

If one stands back from it - as I can having been thousands of miles away all this time, the obvious and logical way forward is a more sensible and well structured second referendum to find out what the country really wants. Those supporting Brexit are very anti this idea as they think there is a significant cham e that the country would no longer support Brexit. Johnson wants to avoid it as he sees his only path forward as uniting the leavers and relying on antipathy towards Corbyn dividing the Remain vote. To survive in Government any length of Johnson must have a General Election and for him having the election first makes every sense. Similarly Corbyn may see his only chance of taking power as running the risk of a General Election first and getting Remainders to vote for him d w oitectge fact so many don't like him or his policies.


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