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Does the USA require Electoral Reform?

2019-06-05 21:42 #0 by: jordan

Watching this video really made me wonder about how the electoral system in the USA really works, and what could be done to fix it, or at least provide a more representative result.

In the 2016 Presidential race, Democrat Hilary Clinton had the largest winning margin over her rival Donald Trump than ever seen before, with 2.87 million more votes nationwide, but still lost the election overall due to how the electoral college functions.

Do you think it would simply be a matter of redistributing the votes in direct proportion to where the population live? Or does the Electoral College need to go in favour of a different system completely? For example France use the Two-Round system for their presidential election, would that work in the USA even with the considerable difference in population size? 

2019-06-07 17:11 #1 by: Evelina

I know this has been an issue many people have risen for debate. I wonder if it will ever change.

2019-06-14 07:13 #2 by: Max

The whole system needs an overhaul if it is eventually able to survive Trump. 2 Senators per state regardless of population now looks insane and totally geared towards giving rural America and the Republicans who usually dominate rural areas a significant inbuilt advantage. Of course the system evolved when there was a real federation of 13 States of roughly comparable size. For California and New York to now have 2 Senators each and North and South Dakota have the same weighting is insane. At a minumum.I would take away the second senator of the smaller states and distribute them among the more populous states. I suspect they will also need to expand the Supreme Court to 15 Judges, possibly with say 20 year term limits to reduce the politicisation of the Court System. The Elsctoria College has long outlived its usefulness especially as it de facto disenfranchises voters in the 30+ non swing states.


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