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European Union and Social Movements

2019-01-27 01:07 #0 by: Leia

To what extent does the European Union provide a platform and focus for social movements (E.g. the LGBT movement, minority rights and environmental activist movements)?


So I have just completed an assignment as apart of my uni degree, the deadline isn't until Wednesday so I will save sharing my answers online until then but I was wondering what was your take on the question above. This question was a major part of the discussion in my essay so it would be interesting to see what you guys think or come up with.

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All the best, Leia

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2019-01-27 05:02 #1 by: Max

#0 Coincidentally the girl I used to sit next to in some of my economics lectures at your age went on to be one of the UK's first Green Party MEPs.

My guess is that the impact of the EU on these issues varies dramatically from country to country. I doubt there has been a huge impact in say the Nordic countries, but places such as Bulgaria and Romania have probably had to change quite a bit. If you go back tm to earlier joiners, Spain ahd Portugal were both pretty conservative places before being forced tk adopt European standards.

2019-01-27 17:37 #2 by: jordan

#1 Certainly. For some social movements (LGBT rights in particular), accession into the EU has assisted in instigating change, especially in the places such as Poland and the Czech Republic.


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