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Brexit - A second Referendum?

2019-01-16 14:54 #0 by: Max

Today Prime Minister May suffered a defeat by a historic margin on a Parliamentary vote to try to approve  the Brexit Plan that she  has spent over 2 years trying to negotiate with the remaining EU members.

There is a high level of uncertainty as to what  will happen next.  The Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn  is himself a Euroskeptic but his Labour party's MPs  and indeed activists are mostly Europhile, but who in turn represent constituents who are probably predominantly Eur deal from the E27oskeptic.  He  has de facto been forced into Tabling a No Confidence Motion which almost noone  thinks he  will win (probably including Corbyn himself).  If he were to win such a  vote the ruling Tory Party would need to either find a Leader who could command majority support in the House or calla General Election.  If this were to happen Article 50 would almost certainly have to be  either put on hold (with the Ascent of the  remaining E27) or rescinded which could probably be  done  unilaterally.  The more likely scenario is that the Tory's including Euroskeptics and the Democratic Unionists from Northern Ireland on whom Mrs May relies for support will rally around to defeat the General Election which noone  really wants  anyhow.  Most likely even the Labour Party who may feel more comfortable  in Opposition that potentially picking up the poison chalice of actually having to steer  the  country through the  mess.  Is she  survives the No Confidence , May is  likely to return to Brussels to try to extract a more  palatable E27.  Everyone  expects them to give little or no concessions and thus any Plan B is  also unlikely to get through Parliament.

It is  unclear what will happen next.  The Scottish Nationalist, Liberal Democrats and many in the Labour and Conservative  party believe that a second Referendum is the only clear way forward.  Currently the official position of  both May and Corbyn is to be against this but this  may well change  as  things  play  out.

What do you think  will/should happen?

2019-01-16 15:31 #1 by: Evelina

Ive been listening to the news on this subject but as I am from the US, I dont have too much of an opinion to be honest.

2019-01-16 15:42 #2 by: Niklas

Tricky. I am a bit surprised by the Brits being so unsatisfied with the proposed deal. When they voted for Brexit, what kind of deal did they expect? Has anyone mapped that against the deal that's on the table? What did the pro-Brexit politicians say it would mean?

2019-01-27 00:24 #3 by: Leia

I personally would like a second referendum and I would hope now that people are more informed about the actual outcomes that the result would be remain. However, I guess its the question of if a second referendum would completely undermine the democracy of having the first.  

All the best, Leia

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2019-01-28 10:34 #4 by: Niklas

I think another referendum would be a good way forward. I don't see how it would undermine democracy.


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